breast-reduction-faqQ: Is breast reduction surgery the only way to deal with overly-large breasts?

A: Other treatments for dealing with macromastia, or large breasts, are available, but none are as safe, effective, or permanent as reduction mammoplasty. Women who are reluctant to undergo surgery can try losing weight, which will somewhat reduce the size and weight of the breasts. However, due to the nature of macromastia, exercise itself can be an uncomfortable, and sometimes painful experience. Sports bras and strengthening bras are also a short-term solution for sufferers of macromastia. But at the end of the day, breast reduction surgery is the only surefire way to reduce the shape, size, and weight of the breasts, which makes it the best option for women with the condition.

Q: Who is the best candidate to receive breast reduction surgery?

A: Women whose breasts negatively affect their day to day lives are the prime candidates for this surgery. If you are experiencing back problems or neck aches due to your large breasts, then breast reduction surgery may be the treatment for you. However, the surgery is also beneficial for women who wish to reshape their breasts for aesthetic purposes, or who would like their breasts to be more proportional to the size of their body.

Q. Is breast reduction surgery safe?

A: Yes! Breast reduction surgery is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery that can be performed in as little as two hours. And precisely because it is performed in an outpatient procedure, there is little to no risk of contracting a sickness like there is in a normal hospital. Here at the Breast Reduction Center of Excellence, we are committed to providing you with the utmost care and respect before, during, and after your procedure.

Q: How do I know if breast reduction surgery is right for me?

A: Chronic back pain is one of the most common consequences of heavy breasts. Other signs that you may need breast reduction surgery are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Problems fitting into clothing
  • Skin rash in the breast crease
  • Skin irritation

In addition, if your breasts are proportionally too large for your body, then breast reduction surgery may be the ideal treatment for you. If you feel as if any of the above symptoms apply to you, please contact the Breast Reduction Center of Excellence in Los Angeles today to schedule an appointment.

breast-reductionQ: Is the surgery painful?

A: Not at all! During the reduction mammoplasty, patients are placed under anesthesia, meaning that they will feel absolutely no pain whatsoever. After the surgery has been performed, patients may experience tenderness and soreness of the breasts. If needed, a surgeon will prescribe the necessary pain medication to alleviate any additional discomfort.

Q: Will breast reduction surgery leave scars?

A: As with any other invasive procedure, scars are a common byproduct of reduction mammoplasty. Fortunately, these scars are minimal and can fade over time. Furthermore, the scars can be effectively hidden by a bra or swimsuit, allowing you to show off your new body on the beach without any feelings of embarrassment or self-consciousness.

Q: Are there any additional risks to the procedure?:

A: Due to the nature of the procedure, women who are breastfeeding should not proceed with the breast reduction surgery, as they may lose the ability to breastfeed after the surgery has been performed. Also, after the surgery has been performed, it’s important that the patient refrain from any demanding physical activities until the breasts are completely healed. Activities like running, exercise, and sports should be avoided at all costs, as they can disrupt the natural healing of the breasts, and in some cases cause additional problems. Though there are risks to breast reduction surgery, most women tend to find the trade-offs worthwhile.

Q: Does insurance cover breast reduction surgery?

A: Because reduction mammoplasty is considered a reconstructive surgery, it is usually covered by insurance companies. Also, most insurance companies provide insurance for necessary medical procedures. To be sure, however, it’s best to evaluate the procedures offered by your medical provider.

Q: Who can I contact to schedule an appointment?

A: If you feel as if breast reduction surgery will benefit you, please contact the Breast Reduction Center of Excellence in Los Angeles today. Our expert surgeons are devoted to providing patients with the help they need, at an affordable cost and in a safe environment. If you would like to schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions about breast reduction surgery, please do not hesitate to call (888) 391-5720.

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