Macromastia is a condition in which the breasts are disproportionally large to the rest of the body. For women who suffer from this condition, simple tasks are enough to cause severe amounts of pain in the breasts and back. Fortunately, a procedure called reduction mammoplasty can alleviate and reduce the amount of pain caused by large breasts. So how do you know if your breasts are too large for your body? There are a few key ways to find out.

Back and Neck Pains

Due to the weight and size of their breasts, women with macromastia suffer from painful and constant back and neck pains. The weight of the breasts pulls the shoulders forward, compressing the thoracic outlet, a bundle of nerves located in the neck and shoulder area. When compressed, these nerves send a powerful pain signal to the brain.

If you’re constantly feeling a sense of pain and general discomfort in your breasts, then it’s likely they are too large, proportionally, to the rest of your body. It’s important to see a specialist as soon as possible. Macromastia, if left alone, can also cause slouching and posture problems in patients.

Bra Strap Impressions in Shoulders

If you’re noticed that your bra strap is leaving a groove in your shoulder, even when you aren’t wearing a bra, then it’s likely that you suffer from macromastia. Heavy breasts will continually pull down on the shoulders and bra, leaving a noticeable and unsightly impression on shoulders. By the end of the day, the pressure from the bra straps alone is enough to cause pain in women with large enough breasts.

Sports bras, while providing additional levels of support over normal bras, are still ineffective at completely minimizing the pain from macromastia. Even while wearing sports bras, women with large breasts will feel still an uncomfortable, and sometimes agonizing, pain in their breasts and chests, making exercise and other strenuous activities difficult, if not impossible to perform.

Impaired Breathing

Women with macromastia often have trouble breathing. Because of the weight, shape, and size of the breasts, lungs have trouble filling up with air. The pressure the breasts place on the lungs makes the simple act of breathing difficult, leading to shortness of breath, laborious breathing, and other alarming breathing problems. For women with macromastia, these issues are a normal part of life, though they need not be.  That’s because reduction mammoplasty relieves pressure on the lungs. After having the shape and size of their breasts reduced, women tend to find it much easier to breath, exercise, and perform a variety of simple, everyday tasks once again.

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