large-breastsWomen with disproportionally large breasts often experience pain and discomfort when performing simple tasks. Even things like picking up a child or exercising can be a hardship to these women. Fortunately, the surgeons at the Breast Reduction Center of Excellence in Los Angeles are experts in performing breast reduction surgery, a procedure which reduces the size, weight, and shape of the breasts to a more manageable size. Before scheduling a breast reduction surgery, however, it’s important to know the prime candidates for the surgery, along with an understanding of the risks involved.

For women who experience one or more of the following symptoms, breast reduction surgery may by the treatment they need.

Symptoms of Overly Large Breasts

Back Aches, Neck Aches, and Shoulder Pain

Women who suffer from excessively large breasts often experience back pain on a daily basis, sometimes even constantly. Due to the heavy weight on their chests, women with large breasts tend to slouch, leading to back and posture problems. Moreover, this slouching can also lead to the compression of the thoracic outlet, a bundle of nerves located near the shoulder and neck. When the thoracic outlet is compressed, the nerves send out a pain signal to the brain, causing even more discomfort for women.

The continuous downward pull large breasts exhibit can sometimes leave painful bra indentations on the shoulders, another significant source of pain for women with large breasts. Though sports bras can reduce the bra strap impressions left by normal bras, they are only a short-term solution. Women who wear sports bras still find activities such as running, aerobics, or playing sports to be extremely painful, if not outright impossible.

Breathing Difficulties

Large breasts don’t just affect a woman’s outside appearance, but they also have alarming complications for internal organs as well. Women with large breasts can find it difficult to breath. Because of the extreme size, weight, and shape of the breasts, it becomes difficult for lungs to fill up completely with air, leading to impaired breathing. This is a common yet frightening symptom for women with large breasts, and one that breast reduction surgery alleviates.

breast-reductionSkin Irritation Beneath the Breasts

The extreme weight and size of breasts can cause irritation and rashes to develop on the underside of the breast. By lifting the breasts and reducing their weight, surgeons who perform breast reduction surgery can mitigate and eliminate the chafing, rashes, and irritation caused by large breasts.

Other symptoms indicative of overly large breasts are the following:

  • Breasts that are proportionally too large to the rest of the body
  • Experiencing pain during various physical activities
  • Heavy breasts with nipples that point downward.
  • Difficulty fitting into clothes or bras

Though it is especially helpful to women who suffer from excessively large breasts, breast reduction surgery can help any woman who wishes to alter the physical appearance of her breasts for any reason, such as one breast being larger than the other.

Lastly, it’s highly important to speak with your surgeon before engaging in the procedure. During a consultation, your surgeon will listen to your questions and express any concerns he or she might have. If your surgeon determines that you are a prime candidate for breast reduction surgery, he or she will walk you through what to expect and what the results will look like.

breast-reductionRisks of Breast Reduction Surgery

Even though breast reduction surgery is a safe and fast procedure, there are some risks and conditions that need to be understood and accepted before undergoing the surgery. For example, most surgeons recommend waiting until breast development has ceased before performing breast reduction surgery. In addition, breast reduction surgery leaves scarring, though typically the scars are very mild and can be hidden by bras and swimwear.

Despite the risks associated with the procedure, most women who have underwent breast reduction surgery report being extremely happy with the results. Moreover, they say that they would undergo the procedure again if needed, and would happily recommend it to others. Obviously, women who get breast reduction surgery come out feeling happier and more confident than before. No longer worried about embarrassing stares or comments from others, these women are free to live their life and finally engage in the activities they enjoy.

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